Play with Photo

I like the earlier photo so I decided to play with it to change the background.

The dress is from you find it in Formal Dresses it´s a blue dress.
The color is darker for real like in the youtube vidos here under. The light that flash from camera maked it brighter.

It´s a very lovely dress directlink to the dress

Globalbow Fashion


Happy New Year Fashion Formal Dresses

Dress Blue

Now is it a New Year.
Then it´s nice to start the year and be dressed with Glamour Style. These dresses will also be perfect on a wedding or another nice party.
For me that have a bigger size then it´s perfect with custom made Formal Dress from ( it´s made after my size).

The price for the dresses are amazing and includes shipment so thats why I buy two different dresses.

Blue Dress & Gold Dress are very Glamour that sparkle and shine. The necklace and earings is also from globalbow and are perfect together with the dresses.
This is how these dresses looks on me so don´t be shy girl if you have female curves those dresses will look fabulous on you.

Happy New Year and let your new year shine.

Dress Gold

Amazing Boots

My new boots are so lovely they look expensiv but you get it for amazing price

just 181 swedish kronor or 26.43$ included shipment. WOW just buy it now

Todays Dress ~ Private photo

Leopard Dress

So why is it so popular with slim models? Sometimes it can be nice to see how a dress will look like on a ordinary person.
Today I decided to take a picture of myself and make it Dress of the Day with leggings and shoe.
This is how the dress look like on me and my size is bigger then what this dress should be for. But I love it anyway and I have used it a lot so this dress have been washed many times before I taked this picture.

Do you need this dress then click those pictures of the items that will lead you to the webshop where I got it from.

Very nice leopard dress

Dress of the Day only 24,43$ or 170 swedish kronor today (free shipping worldwide). I love this dress since it´s soft and nice. It´s a favorite so I use it a lot.










Soft Leggings CoffeeLeggings is only 17.04$ or  today only 119 swedish kr (free shipping worldwide).

Leggings is color coffee and are also soft so this is perfect home clothes and be dressed up same time.

and since this is kind of relaxing clothes then I pick shoe that is easy to use and same time is pretty. This outfit is good for almost everything. To relax at home and look good same time. For a walk in city but also great for a party. Perfect dress so it doesnt matter where you are you will still be well dressed with this one.





Shoe is even better for real then what it looks like on the picture. Under the shoe is a bit plastic but I don´t mind about it since what is close to the foot is very good. Shoe is 38.50$ or 269 swedish kr. I feel it´s worth the price since they are realy nice to wear and look very good the same time. Very easy to put on. So today it was a outfit that is great for comfort and same time look great.

Very nice shoe, easy to walk

Todays Fashion ~ Dress of the Day & Lovely Shoe

You love fashion but need it for a good price. Yeah that´s perfect then I will show you Dress of the Day and outfits that is just lovely with shoe and mobilephones. Bookmark this page to keep updated with the latest news and ideas about fashions for ordinary people that not have millions in the bank account. But still with the luxery to get lovely items with free shipment worldwide.
Lovely Sexy Black Shoe

Today I start with Lovely sexy black shoe  that will be great for just every kind of dress but gives the touch of luxery. This shoe is only 40.39$ and that includes shipment.  If you change it to example swedish kronor then it´s only 271.87 kr today included shipment or 30.17 euro or 25.77 pound sterling or 3612.99 kenya shilling  (those last prices changes depends on compared to US$)

Dress of the Day White Lace







Dress of the Day to make a full outfit will be white lace  in a very fantastic design that only cost 30.77$ included shipment. A perfect outfit for a party when you need to be the prettiest one.

Can you imagine this shoe + dress will only be 71.16$ included shipment. In swedish kronor that will be today 478.99 kr or 52.36 euro or 45.41 pound sterling or 6365.54 kenya shilling  (those last prices changes depends on compared to US$)